Friday, June 20, 2008

Dental Visit

So... we went to the dentist yesterday. I wasn't really looking forward to it with Benji's oral defensiveness. Last time we went he wouldn't let go of me and had a fit when they tried to clean his teeth. I can say I can relate... I really don't like going to the dentist. But I want my kids to have healthy teeth. So.... back to the dental trip.

We had fun getting the antibiotics for Benji... The scheduling coordinator either forgot to call them in or the Pharmacy put it under the wrong Benji. Wednesday night we thankfully were able to get the pediatrician to call them in so we had them in plenty of time. But it was a hairy 2 hours getting it. LOL...

So.. yesterday (Thursday) we dropped off the fab 4 at day camp and Benji and Kimmie went to see Dr. Perdue. When it was time to go back, Benji tried to persuade us to let him stay in the playroom. (They had the Cars video game) After a little bit of persuasion we got him to go
back. I reminded the hygienist about is oral defensiveness and she said if we have any problem we will come and get you. They didn't come and get me. (The kids tend to do better if mom isn't in the room about their whining and fussing, but if the parent wants to go back, they can. This is Benji's 3rd or 4th visit so I am comfortable with them taking him.) About 10 minutes later they went ahead and called Kimmie back and I waited for about another 15 minutes and they were done.

Benji's teeth weren't bad at all... In fact I was told it appeared we were cleaning them well, all things considered. (This is funny because Benji won't let me brush his teeth. He brushes his own by chewing on the rubber brush and then on the regular tooth brush.) It is obvious that little boo is a thumb sucker. He has the V. But it wasn't as obvious as it was last year. Plus we are trying to get him to stop sucking his thumb. It's hard when that is his comfort thing when he gets anxious. And being a child with Sensory Integration Disorder, anxious is alot.

But, good check up, no cavities, he goes back in 6 months. Oh... and the trick? They had the Cars movie on.

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