Friday, March 27, 2009

Another Domino

So.. Benji went to physical therapy today. He has made lots of progress. So much so that for him to continue therapy would be almost a waste of time.

I knew this, but his PT also helped with the sensory stuff to a degree.

So.. we are going to go about a month and see how he does without the PT. I can call or email at anytime or even bring him by without a problem. (This is really good because his PT is in charge of him getting his inserts in his shoes for the pronation)

While I am so glad that Benji is making progress, I am having a hard time letting go. He was discharged in January from OT, now PT. This means I will have to work harder with play dates and all.

Looks like I will be the scheduling queen for the summer... and I will HAVE to have back up plans. :o)

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