Thursday, April 09, 2009

Roller Coaster

We been going through a roller coaster (little one) for the last couple of weeks. I was so excited when Benji's pediatrician finally saw what we were talking about with Benji that I lost my mind. Okay, maybe not completely... but I did forget to follow up with the developmental pediatrician.

I found myself a week after the appointments, with no follow ups scheduled. So of course, I had to start emails and phone calls.

Benji goes to the Food Allergist on April 16th. It's in Franklin, but I figure if we can get answers it will be good. It would be great to know if he is outright allergic to things. We know the digestive problems with cows milk. We know the hyperactive reaction to anything with red 40. We avoid high fructose corn syrup due to his hypoglycemia, we also try to limit other sweeteners. I still have pages to fill out for that appointment. (I love paper work, at least I make copies after I feel things out now.)

Finally got the call back yesterday about developmental testing.. It won't be until June 16th. That has it's pluses and minuses.... I am suppose to have his teacher fill out a questionnaire on him close to the test date. We get out of school at the end of May... hopefully it will be good enough.

I believe Benji is about to hit a growth spurt, his moods are erratic and he is sleeping alot more than normal these last couple days. He just got off of antibiotics too... He had strep. Little guy always keeps us busy.

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