Friday, August 21, 2009

School is underway...

We have survived the first 3 weeks of school! YAY!!

School started for Benji on August 3rd. He goes to school for ½ day, 4 days a week. His school is a developmental preschool that is based on a reverse inclusion model. (It’s for special needs or developmentally delayed children and they bring in typically developing peers) I love what it does for Benji.

Benji started in his preschool just after his 3rd birthday, so he’s been in for a little over a year. He has responded so well! His speech has vastly improved, he tolerates change better, he is learning how to control his sensory issues too. Now if we can just get him to write…

Back to the last three weeks.

Week one, Benji did really good. He was complaining that he wasn’t in the same classroom from last year, but we talked about it and explained that you change classes as you get older and smarter. He already knew the teachers because pre-3 and pre-4 work together. This week the peers weren’t there.

Week two, EVERYBODY is at school this week. The week went very well at school. At home Benji was very emotional and didn’t want to go to school until we got there. Wednesday and Thursday he didn’t want to get up and get going. He had a little bit of a problem listening on Thursday, his teacher had to redirect him. After school we had to go to the allergy doctor.

This past week, Benji has been very sleepy and whiney in the mornings. We have finally gotten him convinced that his class is fun. Thinking that we are getting into allergy season, he has runny nose and congestion when he wakes up. He looks tired. On Wednesday he wasn’t wanting to do circle time. Got him some medicine and Thursday was a great day.

I am pretty sure that his behavior at school is much better than home. His teachers have a strict schedule and the kids have to go by it. At home we are seeing little blow ups until one of the siblings does something that offends him and then there is no stopping the meltdown… Praise God we were at home when they happened.

After PT this past Tuesday he was fatigued… his teacher said it only lasted about a half hour and then he rebounded.

Gotta work on morning exercises more. We did them the first week daily and then slacked off. I think they help him a lot. Jumping on the mini-tramp, situps on the exercise ball, lifting the weighted ball, sling swing…

Next week will bring more changes for the little man since mom is going to school herself. Praying the adjustment goes smoothly.

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