Saturday, July 24, 2010

Silly Saturday - Bowling Alley

So, as I eluded to in the previous post, we went bowling today. All and all we had fun, and Benji got a strike!

We know that Benji needs to build his endurance so we try to do things that help. With the promotion this summer, we have gone bowling several times. Most of the kids really like it.

Today Benji used a 6 pound "junior" ball through the first game. (This strike was in his first game) In the second game he got very tired and we used a ramp for him so he could still bowl, it just didn't take so much out of him.

Momma's sweetie.

 Please forgive the bluriness... he would do this everytime he bowled... no wonder he got so wore out. He would throw himself down and then roll around and finish it off by hopping like a frog. :)

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