Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Can you help me? Trying to get the word out...

I am being ambitious for the beginning of the year, but aren't we all?

Did you see my post about wanting to post Congenital Heart Defect stories for Heart Month in February? I really need some submissions. I have a couple, I would like to have at least 28 before the month of February starts. See the original post here.

On top of that, I would love to do an online birthday party for Benji during the month of March. His birthday is March 2. He will be 6. To do this I would love to be able to promote YOUR product. Are you interested? Benji loves a variety of different things. Please email me if you have an idea. Remember, Benji is a CHD survivor and has sensory processing disorder.

We would also like to feature websites and guest posts in April for Autism Awareness. The more submissions we can feature the more awareness will be out there.

If you have ANY questions please email me. I look forward to my email being loaded down with submissions!  Email at faith(at)heaveninourhearts(dot)com

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