Monday, January 10, 2011

No such sweetness - hypoglycemia

One of Benji's medical conditions is ketotic hypoglycemia. This diagnosis was received December 2007 after he had an episode that resulted a trip to the hospital. The ketotic hypoglycemia is a diagnosis of exclusion. The doctors know that Benji's sugar levels bottomed out (that time it dropped to 22) and that there were ketones in his urine. However when they did the fasting test, they were not able to get it to happen again.

Since then, there have been little episodes where Benji's sugar will dip. Like during the summer when it is hot and he is sweating, if we don't keep an eye on him his sugar will drop and I get a very sick kid. During the winter the problem usually stems from Benji getting a bug and not eating well, then at night his sugar will dip.

Last night was one of Benji's episodes. I missed one of his warning signs before we ate sandwiches for dinner. That sign was the VERY sweet breath he had. He didn't have the lethargy he typically gets, or even the crankiness. Although he was very set in his ways.

About an hour after dinner he came to us saying that he was 'starving' and that he would 'die if he didn't eat.' Immediately we were concerned and checked his sugar. It was 78. This is not a dangerous level, but since he had eaten an hour prior it should have been in the mid to high 90s. We fixed him a ham sandwich and got him some juicy juice. An hour later it was 122. The spike is what I was concerned with, because sometimes sugar levels will spike up and then drop.

 We asked for prayer when his sugar was 78. And we thank everybody that prayed last night. When I checked his sugar at 12:30a it was at 98. We praised God and went to sleep. This morning he is fine.

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