Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Tennessee Pulse Oximetry Bill

I would like to share that Karin Coulter with Saving Little Hearts has led a magnificent effort in the state of Tennessee to push for newborn screening with the pulse oximetry.

Both the TN House and Senate are moving forward on the bill to screen newborns in the state of TN.  If you are not in TN and want a law in your state please feel free to copy our bill, send it to your state legislators and ask them to file a bill as well.

TN residents that want to help with the pulse ox bill: Please contact your legislators and ask them to co-sign/support HB 0373/*SB 0065. Go to to find your legislators. The more people that sign on the better the bill will do. Thanks to Ryan Haynes for introducing it in the House and Doug Overbey for introducing it in the Senate.

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