Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dentist Trip... Ya!!

 Last week I had to go back to the dentist. I had a little cavity, not a bad one. Seems that it is very common for CHD kids to have problems with their teeth. It is probably because of all the medication and everything. Thankfully, right now and for the past couple years I have not had to be on any.

Ya! the appliance is finally out!
Our dentist did tell me though that if mom gave him a good report and he could not see any signs of me sucking my thumb that the appliance would be coming out while they were in there. I was SO VERY excited. It has been over a year! I was more than ready for it to come out.

Here is some information about the appliance. It does not hurt. It makes it very uncomfortable to suck your thumb. The suction does not form and the metal pushes up against the top of your mouth. On top of that, while the appliance is in there is no eating chips or any gummy snacks. (That hurt, I love potato chips)

In some cases, not mine, with the appliance they put little burrs on it so that when you suck on your thumb it pricks it. Can we say ouch?!?  All I know is had I known it would give me this much grief, I never would have sucked my thumb.

Loopy juice made for a good nap
After the cavity was taken care of (it was a little one on the side of a molar) and the appliance removed I was ready for a nap. I felt sorry for mom. It was raining really hard and somebody parked really close to the truck so she had to climb through to get me in my seat. She's a good mommy though. We went to Nana's house for me to sleep off the loopy juice, and boy did I sleep.

I slept...

and I slept..
 and I slept.

About four hours later mom woke me up and had some Natural Sierra Mist to drink. It was good. It took a bit getting used to the appliance being gone, but by dinner time I was off to the races!

Moral of the story? Don't suck your thumb.

I have to add in, I am a very oral defensive child. I do not like anybody messing with my mouth. My dentist has been bitten in the past. Not this time! I was not a perfect angel for this procedure, but I did not wiggle too bad. Because of my sensory issues we choose sedation. Thankfully it works. It does cause me to miss a day of school though. Sedation also causes me to get cranky and irritable, little bit whiny and such too.

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