Saturday, August 04, 2012

Finding a Calm

I was hoping sleeping in this morning would help with my sensory stuff today. It seemed to at first, until the busyness of the day caught up.
I have been having a difficut time still with the schedule changes. (It typically takes me a couple weeks to get used to it.) So mom let me play my Nintendo DS after I had breakfast and just have me time while everybody did their thing. It worked out pretty good.
Today is one of my sister's birthday and tomorrow one of my brother's, so we went to the local O'Charley's for dinner. We went early hoping the place wouldn't be too crowded because it gets noisy sometimes.
Long story short, minus the moments I was eating I stayed under the table. It was quieter there. I don't think we will eat there again. They remodeled recently and mom said the way the sound carries is different now. All I know is it was very loud and noisy.
I was just glad there was calm under the table.
Now enters the time of year when the sensory diet comes into play. I am so glad mom and dad look out for me. We have things at home that help me. I just have to adjust to school.

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