Monday, February 04, 2008

OT evaluation today

Once again we had a tiring day. And it's only 2.30.... LOL... We went in to Bill Wilkerson this morning for Benji's Occupational Therapy Evaluation. For the most part he had fun. He was in a "no" mood this morning and wasn't too happy to be stuck in his car seat for about 70 minutes. The awesome thing is it didn't start raining until we were there an in the building.

Anyhow... Benji played for the therapist and worked with her, and cooperated mostly. I was glad that she got to see him throw a tantrum when he didn't get his way. He also got a little hyper and she got to see that.

So... ultimately he was diagnosed with Muscular Incoordination (DSM 781.3) from googling it is also called Ataxia and is a neurological disorder. In addition, she believes that the coordination problem is in part because of his sensory processing issues. He was not outright diagnosed with sensory processing disorder, but that is what the occupational therapy will address. That and FEEDING!! Finally we are going to get help with him eating.

The therapist also told me that if he were given the sensory test for 3 and up that it would have turned out differently. Alot of what he does (the spinning and the crashing and wrapping up tightly in his heavy blanket) is SPD.

The other thing that I got a chuckle out of is she recommends that we get The Out of Sync Child and The Out of Sync Child Has Fun by Carol Kranowitz. I ordered it today. It was on Benji's Amazon wishlist.

Anyhow... that's pretty much it for the OT eval...

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