Friday, February 22, 2008

Sharing a Break Through

It's taken me a couple days, but I am sharing....

This past week has been revival at our church and when we went Wednesday night an unexpected thing happened.

At the end of the service two of Benji's siblings went down front for prayer, and we were down there for awhile. The last nursery worker figured that we were still in the sanctuary so she brought Benji to us. As she was giving me his color papers there was one with handprints on it. I asked her, "He did this willingly? There were no problems?" She told me, "They didn't have a problem with him playing in the paints."

I just started crying, our pastor's wife was next to me and she was very concerned. Thankfully mom was there and was able to explain to her about Benji's sensory stuff and about him hating to get icky with paints, glue, food, you name it. We all were Praising the Lord!

We are continuing prayer that the healing continues with Benji. And we are getting excited when even little hurdles are overcome! Praise the LORD!!

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