Friday, May 08, 2009

It's been 3 weeks

We went to the allergy doctor three weeks ago yesterday. They did the testing, no food allergies showed up but he told us that we should not change eating habits with Benji's reactions. He thinks the food stuff is either allergy we can't test for (red 40) or an enzyme issue.

However we also checked environmental allergies. Benji is allergic to cats, dogs, horses, dustmites, mold/mildew, and a few others like tree pollen and grass pollen. His hots actually are higher than his sister's that has asthma.

Dr. Norvell put Benji on a trial of Veramyst nose spray. It cleared up the sinus junk that was going on then and in 2 weeks even the cough was gone. Problem is that when we went to get the prescription filled our co-pay was $75. That SHOCKED me. We have good insurance and it was that high. Had to call the dr's office to see if there was a generic so we are now taking the generic of Flonase.

It seems to work just as well.

The only difference in Benji's behaviors we are seeing is he is more in a "wants it his way" mood. That I contribute to being the end of the school year. It affects him too. :o)

Better get going... he's done eating and wanting to swing now.

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