Friday, May 15, 2009


I am so happy. Benji is nearly reached a HUGE milestone. He has been potty training for over two years now, and while I know we will have set backs... He is doing GREAT!!! Finally.

We have had very few daytime accidents in the last month. He is going to the bathroom regularly and that includes the BMs. At night he's doing good. Doesn't stay dry every night but he is doing better than big brother.

I believe part of what has helped in potty training is the potty scotty training pants. A friend of ours had ordered a pair for her child and they were the wrong size, so she offered them to us to try. The first week, Benji still had a couple accidents but was a lot more aware that he needed to go potty. He has gotten to the point now where we use the potty scotty for bed time and he is in just regular underwear during the day.

I am absolutely thrilled!

I do need to say that Benji is a special needs child. He is developmentally delayed. Potty Training has been a very difficult road for us. For him his potty routine is the first thing that gets thrown out of wack with major schedule changes. (school break, discharge from therapy, etc)

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