Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Finally, a little common sense

I was browsing Facebook earlier and saw a link that one of my FB friends posted.

My Child Has Autism and I Vaccinate

I appreciate this article. Not because I dismiss the vaccination theory. I appreciate it because whether or not vaccinations with thermosil cause autism or not, my son's symptoms were not from his vaccinations.

We had genetics tell us that because nothing showed up on the select testing they did that it had to have been the vaccinations.

We have had pediatrician tell us there is nothing wrong with Benji when there are reports from several therapists saying otherwise.

We know we have a quirky kid. A quirky kid that we love. And we also know that there is something there. To have a doctor tell you that they would diagnose him with Asperger Syndrome but can't because his speech was significantly delayed confirms your belief that there is something going on. It's not that I want my child to be sick or to be labeled. But I know there is something going on.

We know he has the sensory integration disorder. He is tactile and oral defensive while sensory seeking with deep pressure. I praise the Lord that we are able to handle most of it by thinking ahead. For his deep pressure we have the mini trampoline for him to jump on, an exercise ball he can bounce on and a sling swing to swing in in the house.

For the defensive, it's difficult with the foods. Once he decides he isn't going to eat something, there really is no way around it. Unless you want a meltdown, because it goes beyond a tantrum. His tactile defensiveness we make sure to have a wash cloth or wet wipes around at all times. He HATES being icky, sticky, slimy, etc.

Anyhow... I know Benji's stuff isn't from the vaccinations. His regression started before the 18 month shots. And it escalated when we moved and our schedule changed.

Anyhow... just some thoughts today. I know I am jumbled and rambled... forgive.

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