Monday, October 05, 2009

Slowing Overcoming...

So, Benji still has the cough with the flu. He's been fever free since Saturday. Slowly getting better. Couldn't tell he was sick during the day. It's at night that it all catches up with him.

The down side to this is that he missed the last two days of school before fall break and we are out for two weeks. So those of you with sensory kids can understand when I say it's been rough!

Being sick, schedule changing, not able to play outside cause it is raining, etc... is driving him crazy! So glad we found the Sonic collection at Game Stop last night for the PS2. It was only $12. So at least he can focus on playing it and have something to do.

We go to the dentist tomorrow for the regular check up/cleaning. I pray all will be okay there. He is oral defensive. Doesn't really like us messing with his mouth.

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