Friday, November 05, 2010

Seems we Might be Getting Somewhere

You might remember a post I wrote back at the beginning of October - It's Just Not Fair. We were very upset about an OT evaluation being refused. (It's not that we want services he doesn't need, but if he needs help it needs to be taken care of.)

So, we just got a letter today requesting my presence at an M-team meeting in about 2 weeks to discuss "the educational needs" and to "review the results of your child's Occupational Therapy evaluation".

What did I do? I sent an email to the principal at the end of September formally requesting the evaluation. I also spoke to a few people that I know in the school system casually. One of the people I talked to was the SLP that told me that she never received the "letter" from the main OT.

As I have said from the get go with this, I just want the evaluation so we know what he needs. If he does not need assistance at school, fine. I know at home he has a VERY difficult time sitting still and focusing. Having just gotten his glasses it will take at least a week for him to adjust to see if that helps with anything.

I knew something up was last week when he came home telling us that the woman wearing all yellow was asking him about his ABCs and numbers. Putting the pieces together, it was one of the therapists doing the OT evaluation.

I ask for prayer. Please PRAY that what is best for Benji is what happens. If he needs the additional therapy, then we are praying he will get it. If he does not need therapy, then we pray that it is clear he does not need it.

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