Thursday, November 18, 2010

So, that meeting...

We had the meeting about the OT services. I suppose a catch up is in order.

We were notified 2 weeks ago that an evaluation had been done and that the school district wanted a meeting to discuss the findings. We had to reschedule due to conflicts but got it settled. Then on the 11th, we requested a copy of the evaluation so I could be familiar with it before the meeting. After a bit of communication I got my hands on it the 16th. As we had expected the school system's OT does not feel that Benji needs services at this time.

In the meeting we were told that he shows NO signs of sensory integration disorder and that his fine motor skills in regard to his hands are fine and at peer level. Repeatedly Benji's ability was compared to class peer level. We are VERY disappointed that the school, teacher, therapist, etc... sees no problem with the regression that we see in both handwriting ability and his sensory related behaviors.

As Benji's parent and advocate it infuriates me about the double talk that took place in the meeting. We questioned about how Benji will throw himself on the floor and his teacher said, "We do not do that in kindergarten. That is left behind in preschool." (first off... he didn't do it in preschool, he's only started it since kindergarten started) About five minutes later this same teacher openly admitted that there are some children in the classroom that "hide" under the table. After a little more discussion she again admitted that Benji will "flop on the floor by his chair" while doing desk work. (but that isn't sensory)

We also do not understand how an OT evaluation can be done with only 15 minutes in the classroom and 20 minutes in the OT room. The OT person stated herself in past conversation that children with sensory issues don't always act the same continuously. Double Standard? I think so.

Other things discussed in the meeting was how absolutely wonderful Benji is doing in kindergarten. He has all of his first nine week skills mastered and is doing wonderful for the second nine weeks. (His preschool teachers did an AMAZING job at preparing him for school.)

As a side note... We know Benji is exceeding expectations considering he has Global Developmental Delay, Speech Apraxia, Sensory Integration Disorder, plus his medical issues including his CHD, hypoglycemia, food allergies and intolerances, and the hypotonia. For the most past he is on the appropriate level for a 5 1/2 year old. As his parents we see that there are areas he has regressed in and want him to get help.

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