Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Totally Out of Sync

While dealing with the insanity with a school system that we are frustrated with, we noticed that Benji was having a whole lot more sensory related behavior issues. He was being VERY whiny, sensory seeking, sleepy and not wanting to eat. The not wanting to eat, we contributed to his allergy medication. He takes flonase and if he takes it straight for more than two weeks his appetite wanes. That did not explain the rest though.

Tuesday morning we made a sick visit appointment for Wednesday afternoon thinking we should get him checked before the holiday but not in a rush because there was no fever.

Benji got to the doctor's office and was all over the place. In the exam room he was climbing and jumping and "crashing" and ... you get the picture. The doctor comes in and we go over everything. Benji had a low grade fever of 99.3, his ears and nose was clear and aside from a little irritation his mouth/throat was good too. Blood pressure was good (100/68) and even though he had a mucus-y cough his lungs were clear.

So Dr. talked with me for a few minutes and I shared that in Kindergarten the "Slap Cheek Measles" was going around and so was Strep. Dr. didn't think it was strep but with Benji's aortic valve he figured best to check.

Benji has strep.

Doctor - "Why do you think he is sick?"
Mom - "He is out of control with his sensory issues."
Doctor - (after getting test results back) "You might be on to something there."

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