Saturday, December 08, 2007

Bad day today

This morning I was woke up to Benji having seizures and turning blue. When he had his six o'clock medicine Jeff had said he felt a little clammy like maybe he got hot while sleeping and started sweating and then got cold. So he put him in the bed with me. An hour and 15 minutes later I got woke up to Benji stiff as a board and muscles spasming. We called 911, they argued about who needed to respond (we are in the middle of two districts) then 10 minutes later called back for directions. Meanwhile we got Benji to start breathing again and the blue started going away but still gray. It was shallow breaths and still seizing. The first responder got here with an oxygen tank about 20 minutes after the call. Another 5-10 minutes the first responders and then the ambulance got here. Girls it was so scary. I thought I was going to lose my baby.

As soon as they got him into the ambulance they checked his blood sugar, it was 21. Which is so not good... if mine hits 60 I am passed out. Because his sugar was so low and he was having the seizures they gave him a Valium and we went to the local hospital that I do not like. After there for about 4 hours they sent us into Vanderbilt Childrens. Vandy checked him out and gave him food and drink, set up an appointment with the pediatric endocrinologist for the 17th.

Benji at HorizonWe are now home.... and I never want to ride in a ambulance again. we got from Horizon in Dickson to Vandy in Nashville in about 20 minutes... it's normally a 45 minute drive. And you can imagine traveling that fast the bumps were horrible... Benji would start to fall asleep and we would hit a bump. Poor fella...
Benji is calm, he still is weak and he looks like he don't feel well. We have to make sure he eats every 4 hours and before bed complex carbs.. (i.e. peanut butter and jelly sandwich)

So... tomorrow we are getting the glucose meter from my SIL's sister... she just happened to get a buy one get one free this past week. (Thank you God) And it has everything with it. We are hoping to make it to church, we really felt the power of the Lord over us from our church family. While we were waiting for the ambulance I had called my mom and they rushed over here only stopping to call my SIL. Once here, my mom went two doors down to the neighbor that also goes to our church and got her on the phone to call everybody. It is so awesome to see the body of Christ lift each other up.

Please just pray that we find out what is going on. The hospital has diagnosed him with hypoglycemia... both me and my dad and one of my brothers have it. So it didn't surprise me until we found out that it is EXTREMELY rare in young ones. Then when Jeff was talking to the pdoc the pdoc told him it was either he had hypoglycemia or a seizure disorder that was also very rare. So please... just pray for my little guy. We know he's tough, but momma can't handle these scares.

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