Monday, December 17, 2007

Endocrinology Update

Okay.... got up really early this morning.... (5.30am) got everything together and Benji ready to leave by 6.30am. Jeff was wonderful and started the truck so it wasn't completely frozen. Drove into Children's through rush hour traffic and got there at 7.45.... then I had to find a parking spot the expedition would fit in.

So... get Benji's bag and then my bag and I was pleasantly surprised that Benji was awake... he got to walk.... got in and rode the elevator up. checked in and he realized he was VERY HUNGRY. Tried to calm him but he wasn't having it. Finally got called back... did blood work that he was not happy about... and waited for the doctor.

With out the lab results, they think it is ketotic hypoglycemia. Good thing is he should out grow it by the time he is 7-9. Bad news we will have to check his blood and keep an eye on him, especially if he gets sick. We will have lab results in 2-3 weeks.

After all that Benji got to eat and we went to the Pizza Hut in the hospital and while we were there Santa and the Mrs, were there doing pictures. (I will upload it in a bit.)

Now... home for a short rest and then I get to grab Britt from school and take her to the pulminologist.

I need a rest... at least Benji seems to be doing well. He slept all the way home and the visit at Nana's.

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