Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's not over yet....

Okay... so Saturday was the seizures and the ER trip.... That night Benji seemed to be okay, but tired. I would think that is to be expected with all that happened.

Sunday morning we got up and Benji was a little pale looking but other than that seemed to be fine. So we went to Worship Service at church. Figured we would just keep him with us. After the 2nd or 3rd song, he grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the pew and went towards the nursery. So we let him go based on the belief that his stuff going on was just his sugar bottomed out. After church we ran to Walmart to get prescriptions and then also snack foods for him. He seemed to be getting overloaded again... I really think it's walmart on that one.. and by the time we got out to the truck he was looking quite tired. He fell asleep on the way in to home. He slept from 1:30-4:30 and actually longer than that. It was closer to 5:30. Then we had the Christmas Program that Allie, Brittany, Josh and Micah were in. He got too fidgety during the program so Jeff took him out. He snacked alot on pb&j crackers, smarties, teddy grahams, and his juice. (I know... too much sugar... I did have other things with he just didn't want them)

On the way home from church he threw up... it STUNK!! Very sour and mostly liquid. Threw him in the bath tub when we got home and he then had a HUGE BM. I figured he was backed up (hadn't pooped since Thursday) and that was why he did both, vomited and the big poop. No diarrhea, just alot of poop. So... he setlled down, I checked his sugar level in the middle of that at it was 84. That was after he threw up the first time. I say that because vomiting can drop the blood sugar.

About an hour later he climbed into bed with me and a little while later he sat up and started throwing up again. And again... and again... Jeff grabbed him and got him in the bathroom... and he threw up again... Cleaned up our bed and him and he went to sleep happily.

Monday morning Benji got up about 7am and got his meds an hour late. Checked his sugar then (before meds) and it was 105. He asked for drink so we gave him a little bit of koolaid and he wanted bread to eat. He had two slices and then crawled back in bed. He fell back to sleep. At 9am I called the dr's office and set an appointment for 11a with him. Benji slept until we got there.

Once there he started waking up. By the time we got back in the room, Benji was literally bouncing off the walls. Talked to the doctor and explained the symptoms and everything. While he wished that Horizon had done at least an EEG, he felt there were no tests that he could run right now. He assured me that we would attempt to find out what is going on. He then cited that with Benji's runny nose that he could just have a virus and that is what caused the vomiting. He also reassured me that if anything else happens to call and he will do what he can. Also that if Benji's sugar went below 80 to call. He also told me worst case is a glucose problem. Seizures can be treated and possibly grown out of. Hypoglycemia is for life.

So... at the doctor's office Benji snacked on fruit snacks, had a chocolate chip granola bar and koolaid. Went to Nana's house where he got more drink. He also ate some cheerios. At Nana's he was mostly relaxed. He did hurt Papa's ears a couple times with his squeals. Most of the time we were there he was lying down though.

Last night he seemed to be okay. He had another granola bar and then for dinner had some french fries and a grilled cheese sandwich. He was asleep by 7:30.

Then... we were awakened this morning at 4:58a to him throwing up. Several times. Checked his temp... normal. Once he stopped throwing up and we were able to get him to calm down we checked his sugar. It was 83. Since then he has eaten applesauce and peanut butter crackers, along with some koolaid.

He has speech today at 11, so... not sure what else today will bring. Hopefully the throwing up will just be a viral thing and go away now.

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