Tuesday, March 25, 2008

First day of preschool

Benji's in the red shirt with the long sleeve black shirt under it and blue jeans with red crocs that feature Lightening McQueen.

Benji went to school today. He did well. He was noticeably anxious, lots of thumb sucking and hair twirling the hour I hung around. He wanted to run every which way and get into everything. There are so many things in a preschool classroom, ya know? Anyhow... he did good at school.

Before school he was upset he wasn't getting on the bus with the other kiddos and the same again when school was over. He goes 3 hours Tue-Thur. Hopefully after the rest of the week he will get used to it. I think we will do good.

In other news... the booger made me take a nap this afternoon when I wanted to get housework done. UGH!

Oh well... tomorrow's another day.
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