Saturday, March 08, 2008

A Real Snow Day

WE have discovered the one thing that Benji loves more than anything else..... SNOW.

Last night he hung around windows and then the back door staring at the snow/sleet falling. He kept watching it and saying snow. It was so cute. This morning we woke up to 4-6 inches and he didn't even want to eat breakfast he was so excited. After we convinced him to eat we went outside and he had a ball just running around in the snow.

We are a bit excited though, while at the grocery we found some dairy free ice cream. It's a soy version and Benji loves it! He got chocolate and peanut butter. So far so good... no tummy upset. Which is a wonderful thing. Poor guy, his favorite foods disrupt his tummy and make him anything but a happy camper.

Enjoy the slide show! I am hoping to use picasa for the pictures now... it makes it a tidbit easier to share.

Stay warm! Now that we are in and dry we are making chili and I might make some bread depending on time.

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