Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Growing Up is So hard to do, especially for Mom

This last month has been crazy with me sick and Benji having lots of stuff going on.

I think I am going to just go with a gist of it post. If I can.

Benji has given me a few surprises here and there, or as I call them glimmers of hope.

He went two days of staying dry during the day and using the potty. He however wouldn't have a BM and ended up a very unhappy camper. We believe it's a sensory issue. He will use the potty and even ask to on occasion. It was so funny towards the end of the week last week we had gone into Walmart and did some shopping. Once we were done Benji said something about potty and we just kinda shrugged it off. Then as we were leaving the store he demands "to go potty". Jeff and half the kids were ahead so I gave the truck keys to Brittany and sent her on with Micah and the "rest of the groceries" while I took Benji in to go potty. He went... boy did he. I was proud of him he did good.

As I shared two weeks ago Benji had a good time with finger paints. He hasn't done it since, insisting on using brushes and other things. LOL... I am looking for the goop recipe so he can play with some slime.

Let's see....

We had Benji's M-team meeting Friday (2/29/08) He qualifies for the special ed preschool. Which that did not come as a surprise at all. I will still need to get with Bill Wilkerson and get the feeding therapy set up with them. I don't enjoy driving into Nashville, but I will do it if it helps him. It will be once a week. Back to the meeting. Benji will go to preschool 3 half days a week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7.45 to 10.45. The down side is that unless Nana can pick him up I will miss MOPs. (It's on Thursdays from 9-12, but I haven't talked to her yet and I am sure we can work out something.) While he is in the preschool he will receive his therapies. He will get Occupational Therapy once a week to focus on his fine motor skills (pencil and scissor grasp) and sensory integration (textures, sensory overload, etc). He will get Physical Therapy once a week in addition to wearing his shoe inserts, this will be to work on his stability in walking and running, strengthening his coordination. Speech therapy will be twice a week and will focus on the formation of 3-4 word sentences, articulation, plus naming colors, objects, shapes, etc. So... little man is going to be working hard.

Saturday was Benji's birthday party. He was so happy, he didn't even mind that he didn't get the Cars cake he wanted. It was okay I think, it had a 4 wheeler on it, so to him it was a car... LOL... For his birthday Benji got a stuffed musical rabbit from Nana and a Cars shirt. Uncle Ron and Aunt Wanda gave him Money, as did Great Grandma and Aunt Jean. Gale got him the Go Fish, Snazzy CD. He loves to dance to it. And while it is catchy we have discovered that after listening to it 5-6 times we need to change CDs. He also got... The Cars racetrack, Cars balloon, party pack of playdoh, a Cars T-shirt, and a Little People Construction set. With his money he bought.... Cars kick ball, Cars Dinoco McQueen, Cars sunglasses, and a 3 ring pool that we are going to use as a ball pit. So... little man loaded up. LOL..

Tuesday Benji got to go up to the school and meet the School Nurse and his class. I met with the nurse and the principal to make sure we were all on the same page with the hypoglycemia and also his heart condition. They took pictures of Benji so his picture is on his medical file. That way they have a picture ID. (I think this is a WONDERFUL idea) And the nurse will get a plan of action. I am also going to take some juice boxes up there along with some snacks that will help him in the event his sugar were to drop.

After we were done with the nurse we went to visit the classroom. Benji got to meet his classmates and his teachers. He was a little anxious, but I really think that was just a matter of new place new people. He was looking around alot, very inquisitive. Hopefully a good sign. The class was very well behaved even with it being during centers and another child was visiting too.

I am very impressed with this school. It just blows me away. I wish the elementary school the other kids are going to would impress me like this.

It's all in God hands though. The Lord has provided for the kiddos and I am sure that He will continue to do so.

Spring Break is next week, so don't be surprised to see lots of pictures!

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