Wednesday, March 26, 2008

On the 2nd day of Preschool...

This morning Benji was up at 5:30 along with the rest of his siblings, with 3 sisters and 2 brothers, it takes a while for everybody to get ready. Benji was antsy, didn't really want to eat, daddy gave in and let him eat graham crackers and almond milk. He seemed to be okay other than demanding to have his "silky". (It's a piece of satin fabric I cut down so he could hold on to it. He loves silky fabrics.)

Then the bus came. We had to keep him in the house while his 5 sibs went to the bus. He was not happy about that at all. I told him he would be okay, we were going to leave in just a little bit to go to school. He said, "No ool. URCH." (meaning is No School, Church.)

I was for sure the trip in and dropping him off was going to be a blast. (read sarcasm here) So, thankfully the Veggie Rocks CD was still in the CD player and we sang "The Wheels on the Bus" all the way to school. (That is repeated 3 times) Even once we got to school he was saying he wanted to go to church. Poor thing, I suppose he knows it's Wednesday... I don't know.

He demanded that the silky go to school with him and his teacher said it was okay. With him just getting acclimated to the structure he probably needs it. (As he is sucking thumb and twirling hair a whole heck of alot more than he was even last week.) I didn't go in with him just dropped him off with his teacher and he was fine with that.

When I picked up Benji he was holding his head down a little bit. Seems he was testing boundaries today. The little guy likes doing things his way. I pick and choose fights so he does get away with more than he probably should. He still got a treat so all and all he must have done good.

I am having a little more trouble understanding him, but I think it's the change of routine. I pray that is all it is. The words of the CDC haunts me when ever he regresses at all. They had said that him being in the preschool program will either make all the autism like stuff go away or it will bring it out even further. We are praying that it goes away.

.... the pic is from when I picked him up.

BTW... he napped from 2:30 until 6:30 last night. Then was still lounging and sucking thumb until I got back from Bible Study. Then he got hyper for a little while until he finally went to bed about 9:30.

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Melissa A. said...

Awww, I hope Benji has a smooth adjustment to preschool! Once my students get in the routine of coming to school in the mornings, and remembering the order in which we do things, everything is a lot better. They know what to expect - and even if they forget, I always give them a gentle reminder. Patience and consistency always seem to be the key factors for my classroom! He'll be great - and he's such a cutie!