Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First Day of Big School

Today is the first day of Kindergarten for me. It's just going to be the boys in class today. I'm a little anxious because the only person I know in my class is a girl and she won't be there until tomorrow.

I wonder what we will do. Will the other kids like me?

Mom worries how I will do too. I heard her talking to dad about it. She's afraid I will have problems. I got really hot Friday evening and my blood sugar dropped. Mom and Dad caught it and were prepared, but with people that don't know me she is concerned about if they will pick up on the warning signs.

Then the whole sensory stuff. I don't like the big room called a gym. It hurts my ears. At least that's how it was when we had the "open house".

I want to have a good time. I really like going to school. I am just hoping that school likes me.

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