Monday, August 09, 2010

Last Day of Freedom! j/k

Today is the last day of my summer break. I go to school tomorrow.

Mom is keeping it relaxed today. I get to play my video games (Lego Batman on the PS2). I love playing video games!

If the pool is clean enough we will probably go swimming too. Swimming is so much fun, and it's a great way to keep cool! (Plus it helps with sensory stuff A LOT)

I am a little anxious. I will be going to a new school with a new teacher and with new friends.

Today though is all about fun!

Mom is keeping an eye on me though. We had our first Miracle Ball game Friday night and from the heat, my sugar dropped a bit. Mom had it under control with some Juicy Juice and a snack bar. Got me back to normal pretty quick all without causing a food issue.

The game was fun! We played two full innings. I got to run the bases twice! (There will be a picture on Wednesday) I also got to see some of my friends from my old school and enjoyed playing with them.

Plus!! My godmother came up to see us this past weekend! That's her with me and Bubba. She got to go to my game and stay for Bubba's birthday party. We were so happy to see her. I <3 you Gale!

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