Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Gross Motor Excellence

Mom took me into physical therapy this morning for my yearly evaluation. I had a hard time concentrating. Mom thinks with all the back to school stuff and routine changing that I am over-stimulated. My pt agrees and is concerned.

The awesome news is that for 5 1/2 - 6 year old skills I have them pretty good. I need to work on throwing accurately and catching but I meet standards! WooHoo!

The down side... I am VERY moody, I am getting fixated on things instead of paying attention, I am sensory seeking (i.e. sucking thumb ALL the time, twirling hair ALL the time, rolling on the floor) and I am upset I don't have a schedule yet.

School starts for me full time Tuesday. Mom is concerned about my food allergies and how I will handle being in school. I really want to be in school. I tested with Ms. A and I really like her and her classroom. We just don't know if she will be my teacher or not. It's really hard not knowing.

Mom did find out this afternoon that there will be a transition meeting for my needs Friday morning. We are praying everything works out well. While my sensory stuff can get quite distracting, with the right help I can thrive in a regular educational environment.

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