Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On the 10th day of school...

Hard to believe that Benji has been in Kindergarten for 10 full days.  - Mom

School is different now that I am in kindergarten. We get all these papers and crayons and I just want to draw, but the teacher tells me I have to do what the paper says. Mom is concerned that the weakness in my right hand is back. She says she is noticing that I am not writing and drawing as good as I was when I was at pre-K.

My teacher sends home a sheet with my name in dotted lines for me to trace. I can do that pretty good. It's just when I do it on my own, it looks like scribble scrabble.

Mom has been working with me alot, we do flash cards at home with shapes and colors plus numbers and counting. The last couple days we've added letters and a couple words.

I am still very tired when I get out of school. I don't want mom to know so I get hyper and silly. Sometimes after school mom makes us play outside so "we get the wiggles out" or we can get in the pool. The pool reinvigorates me, ssshhh, don't tell mom. :)

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Ms. Anne said...

Benji, I am so proud of you. Your hand will get better at making letters if you keep practicing. I promise. Jewel always liked tracing her letters on a cookie sheet filled with rice and making them big.