Monday, September 20, 2010

A Hopefully Typical Day

When this post actually posts, Benji and his brothers will be in our Expedition on the way to school for another wonderful magnificent Monday. (We believe in thinking positively. Our words are powerful)

Benji was adorable Friday when our family went to celebrate Uncle Marc's (and Uncle Frank's) birthday. As we were leaving he grabbed one of those cable internet mailing cards and decided it was Un Ma-cs birthday card "that you have to turn over". He was very animate about the card and I don't think I can explain it and give justice. For about 30 minutes he just wouldn't let it go.

Saturday, Benji has made a new friend that he thinks is just his own. We will call him T. The three boys had a WONDERFUL time playing with T. They played outside, they played in our house, they played next door. They had a lot of fun. Just where Benji was perservating on the card Friday, after T had to go he just kept on about how he missed T and hoped to see T again.

This weekend reminds our family how unique Benji is. Now we just pray his "quirky" tendencies calm down and he has a good week.

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